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Over in our Perranporth store we stock many ranges & styles of jewellery, as well as crystals, minerals & fossils.


More than we could possibly fit on our website!

So if there is something you cant find here on our website, or something that caught your eye in store & you want more details or possibly to purchase, shoot us a message over at:

And we can help you find what you are looking for!

Our in store ranges include:

Solid sterling silver jewellery

9k gold Jewellery

Precious & semi precious stone jewellery

Crystals, Minerals & fossils

Jewellery made in cornwall

Tin, Pewter & Bronze jewellery

St Justin Jewellery
Hypoallergenic Titanium jewellery

Navajo Native American jewellery
Body jewellery

Copper bangles well as many more.

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